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IMG_3089Outdoor Link, LLC focuses on helping people of all ages explore, enjoy and connect with the natural world and each other; we help individuals and groups experience the outdoors. We provide a wide variety of programs including hiking and backpacking, peak climbs, rock climbing and outings aimed at simply discovering and enjoying a place. Nature photography and sharing images from our programs is another way we accomplish our mission. Out intent is to inspire and to educate, and to provide a framework for others to learn. This is not just our job, it's our calling.


[G2:4864 class=g2image_float_right exactsize=250 show=none]The quality of our programs is our top concern. We are professional mountain guides and outdoor educators, do our jobs seamlessly, and as proud as we are of our work, we're even more proud and humbled by the faith our clients place with us. We have more than twenty-five years of passionate involvement in creating and delivering quality outdoor education programs in the Southwest and around the world. 

Conservation is a core theme for Outdoor Link. By helping people discover and enhance their relationship to and their place within the natural world, we help work for the protection and preservation of wild places. Educating current and future visitors is an important tool in protecting wild places for all to enjoy.  

Programs: Since 1983 we have offered trainings for guides, aspiring instructors, and recreationalists; climbing, backcountry skiing, and mountaineering programs; outdoor education trips for schools, outdoor-based team building programs for groups and organizations, and award-winning photographs of the natural world. Our programs are 100% customized and designed from the proverbial "ground up" for each of our clients. We are generalists in the broad sense and much of our work now is outdoor education for schools and groups including front country campground-based or backpacking-based programs with focuses on natural history, hiking, outdoor skills, and rock climbing.

Giving back: On our stewardship-focused programs participants are left with a tangible feeling of accomplishment and long lasting personal connection to the place they have worked so hard to preserve. Stewardship work projects can be sweaty, dirty and difficult work. However we have seen group after group connect so strongly with the project and each other that they will often choose another service work day over other options like going for a scenic hike!

Places: Our program areas include the Eastern Sierra (Inyo and Tahoe National Forests) and Death Valley and Joshua Tree National Parks. We also provide natural history programs on the Central Coast of California. 

Outdoor Link Staff: We are a small company with a director and associate director. We hire additional field staff as needed from a  select group of true outdoor professionals based on the specific needs of the program. Outdoor Link staff are experienced professionals, who are dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience in the outdoors.  Here is more information about our staff.  

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